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I'm going to be informing you of the initial full set application process used at Nayeli's Nail Studio, when we first opened vs full set application process currently used at Nayeli's Nail Studio. I will also explain why the application process has changed.

As time passes, and I keep learning from the positives and negatives involved with all things to do with nails. I will continue to make changes (big and small) to help improve the way Nayeli's Nail Studio does nails.


Dual Forms


*Gel base

*Product is applied and spread across plastic dual form

*Edges and underneath cleaned up with brush


*Dual Form removed

*Underneath and around cuticle cleaned up with nail drill.

*Finishing touches.




*Tip application

*Cut down and edge/shine buffed

*Gel base

*Product applied and shaped

*Filed down to perfect shape as well as clean up around cuticle (if needed).

*Finishing touches


Using tips allows me to have more control over how much product I am using and where. Another big thing that I like about the different method of application is the fact that there is no longer a need to clean up underneath the nail. This helps save time and has a flawless underneath.

Application With Poly Gel on Sculpted Nails

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