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Coming Into Nayeli's Nail Studio with Acrylics?

As I have mentioned in previous Blogs, I do not work with acrylic due to being allergic. Before, when someone would walk in with acrylics, I would have to do a full removal. Since I work with poly gel it would not be recommended to place poly gel over acrylic for fear of lifting (there is science behind it). You can however place acrylic over poly gel!

Now, instead of having to fully remove your acrylic set, I will be using Hard gel to fill, for those ONLY with acrylics currently on. This not only saves time for me but, money and time for you (the customer) also! All those who are getting a fresh set or currently have Gel nails (builder gel, poly gel) will ONLY have poly gel used. Our poly gel is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free as well as free 21 chemicals used in other brands.

I prefer to use the poly gel I provide due to it being healthier for my clients, but I also like being able to help those with acrylics currently on. Our hard gel used for acrylic fills is NOT vegan. Although I will work over acrylic, I highly recommend starting with a fresh set of poly gel for a healthier beginning, middle, and end.

Come to Nayeli's Nail Studio at 204 Parallel Street Beaver Dam, WI 53916! I appreciate everyone's support!