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Expressing my artistic side

My journey as an owner to an upcoming nail studio has really allowed me to bring out my creative side. Not only is there endless possibilities when it comes to nail art, but also different ways in which to express it. Creating my layout and look for my room was a huge way in which I could really express myself and have full control over my work environment and how I wish to present myself and my business. From the frosted pink walls, velvet pink and gold chairs, shelf positioning, to the lights within the vines and the little details put into each art sample wheels, every little step and detail has played a huge roll in bringing everything together and bringing you what you see today at Nayelis Nail Studio.

Come on in and don't be afraid to bring in some crazy inspo pictures. Whether I have tried it before or not, I am more then willing to give it a try and give it my all. I aspire to be a nail technician you can come to with anything . I don't want to limit myself, nor others. Although, I am not a nail technician "veteran". I promise to you and most importantly myself, that I will one day get to that point. Join me on my journey to becoming a nail technician, nail artist, and entrepreneur.

Nayelis Nail Studio LLC