Goodbye Dip Powder

Updated: Jan 11

Why may you Ask?

  1. As I have mentioned in past blogs, I am allergic to acrylic. For this reason, I must discontinue the use of ALL Acrylic powders including dip powder. I thought that maybe I would not react as bad since the methods in which acrylic and dip are applied, are completely different. Well, I thought wrong and because of this Dip powder is just finer grained acrylic powder, it caused me to react nonetheless :/

  2. Dip powder can be quite difficult to work with.

I hope this is no inconvenience to anyone and would have been more than happy to assist anyone, if physically possible. When it comes to health, we must all take precautions in any way we can. I hope you all understand and allow yourselves to open new doors to other things I DO offer (Gel polish). Who knows, it might just be your next favorite type of nail service.

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