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Mastering The Art of Pedicures

Before beginning my journey as a nail technician at Elite Nail School in Madison, WI. I would have full heartily said that pedicures, in no way brought me any type of joy. Giving or receiving, for that matter. Whether it be physically touching a stranger I just met, or the uncomfortable feeling of remaining still, as I cringe to keep myself from kicking my technician as a foot grinder glides back and forth on my sensitive feet.

I now get a satisfying feeling knowing the results that come from a good pedicure. Whether it be an in-home pedicure or one with your trusted nail technician at your favorite salon (i.e. Nayeli’s Nail Studio in Beaver Dam, WI! 😉). With a fresh set, and your feet properly pampered there is no stopping you from starting or ending the day on the right foot.

For a proper pedicure at home, or anyplace for that matter, sanitation should always be number one. Aside from that, you will need the proper tools:

  • Implements

  • Gloves

  • First Aid on Hand

  • Equipment

  • Favorite nail polish

  • Supplies (i.e. Q-tips, finger separators, etc.)

  • E-file (my favorite professional callus remover)

  • Lotions and oils

  • Cuticle remover

  • Scented candle

  • Sanitizer

  • Music to set the mood

  • Face shield (definitely, needed when using E-file on callus)

I, in learning the proper procedures to go about sanitarily completing a pedicure, have also gained the confidence needed to bring both quality and time efficiency into play. What was once my biggest worry, is now my outlet to put my skills to the test and watch as the transformation unfolds.

Best things about a pedicure;

  • Hands down, using an e-file to get rid of calluses or any dead skin

  • The soft finishing touch of using paraffin wax after a nice gel pedicure

* The cherry, on top of the cherry. After the removal of all that rough skin, what better way to lock in the moisture than, a soothing massage and paraffin wax.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

-Wayne Dyer

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