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Mastering The Art of Pedicures

Before beginning my journey as a nail technician at Elite Nail School in Madison, WI. I would have full heartily said that pedicures, in no way brought me any type of joy. Giving or receiving, for that matter. Whether it be physically touching a stranger I just met, or the uncomfortable feeling of remaining still, as I cringe to keep myself from kicking my technician as a foot grinder glides back and forth on my sensitive feet.

I now get a satisfying feeling knowing the results that come from a good pedicure. Whether it be an in-home pedicure or one with your trusted nail technician at your favorite salon (i.e. Nayeli’s Nail Studio in Beaver Dam, WI! 😉). With a fresh set, and your feet properly pampered there is no stopping you from starting or ending the day on the right foot.

For a proper pedicure at home, or anyplace for that matter, sanitation should always be number one. Aside from that, you will need the proper tools:

  • Implements

  • Gloves

  • First Aid on Hand

  • Equipment

  • Favorite nail polish

  • Supplies (i.e. Q-tips, finger separators, etc.)