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Price Increase

Nayelis Nail Studio has now been open for over a year, within that timeframe business has blossomed. I have been doing a lot of growing as a nail tech and small business owner. I am now a full time student so my days available for nail services have decreased. With the amount of customers I can take daily/weekly/monthly has changed, I've been thinking about changing prices. I originally thought after new years was an appropriate time but, I have chosen to postpone this change until AFTER the end of January due to January bein my birthday month.

  • upcharge of $5 per service

Example: Polygel Layover with Gel Polish

Originally $45 - (Current price until January 31,2023)

Soon $50 - (Starting February 1st, 2023)

Full set with gel

Originally $60 - (Current price until January 31, 2023)

Soon $65 (Starting February 1st, 2023)