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The Ups and Downs

The beginning of any good thought, once it is thought or verbalized there is always someone, somewhere that will bring it down. Whether it be making you feel incompetent or bring up nothing but the bad turns it "could" take. Now we all know that life is already stressful, we get into depressive funks, now and then, but how do we get out of them?

After having my first son in 2015, I went from a size 0 to 9 within the last month or two of my pregnancy. I was at my all-time low and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. One thing I found is that no matter how low I was feeling, once I got a full set and pedicure it would brighten up my day instantly. It would always leave me feeling good about myself and help me forget a bit about the bad. I want to make it my mission to have everyone that leaves my nail studio, walking out feeling as I did in those days.

I feel beyond blessed to be in such a healthier environment mentally and to have the support system I now have, making it easier to confidently keep moving forward. I feel like it is time for me to learn, and focus on all the good I can aid others with. I will learn to perfect my skills and myself in any way possible. It is time to turn everything that has been thrown at me and make it into something to be proud of. I am awake, driven, and motivated to light this town up, with what was once a spark, but now a blazing flame of passion and dedication.

-Nayeli Gonzalez-Garcia