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What's New in The Studio

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Nayelis Nail Studio is in a constant state of change, whether it be product, technique, pace, etc. There are always things that can and will be improved, I am beyond grateful for those who have stuck around on my journey, also those of you that are new. No one ever starts off being perfect at something, but with hard work, dedication, and motivation anything is possible. Only being 3 months into my nail journey, I am still in the process of finding what products and techniques work best for me and you, the customer, I have been looking to introduce new things.


  • Hard Gel

  • TV

  • Chrome colors

  • Cat Eye polish

  • Bigger variety of Glitters

I am excited to bring these new things into the studio, because every little detail counts and makes a difference. Slowly but surely, Nayelis Nail Studio LLC is becoming everything I wished and more. Can't wait for you guys to see how much growth will come in the next 3 months!