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Why Poly-Gel?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Here at Nayelis Nail Studio, I do not use acrylic due to me being overly exposed in the past. This is not just something that happened to me overnight, by constantly going to alternative salons I was overexposed and essentially lost the privilege of having long beautiful nails (so I thought).

After having gone to school, I opened my eyes more to the constant state of change in the nail Industry. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Poly-gel and builder gel which caused no negative allergic reaction and lacked the harmful fumes that acrylic monomer has when reacting to the polymer.

Poly-gel has the best of both worlds with the strength and durability of acrylic and the flexibility of builder-gel. What I once thought was a misfortune, became my key to opening up a new way of doing nails. Helping others like me that struggle with allergic reactions towards acrylic or those simply looking to try something new, here at Nayelis Nail Studio I strive to put my best in each art piece and continue to grow which each visit.